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My Recent Reads

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  “Young Jane Young” by Gabrielle Zevin – 4 stars

Familiar yet not, young girl’s affair with older man, but unfolding over time w/multi-points of view

 “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah – 5 stars

It’a personal. His trademark wit is here, but also tears, fears & miracles, growing up in South Africa

 Death on Demand” by Carolyn G. Hart – 3 1/2 stars

Dangerous! – the book store setting yields many references to real life mystery works and mystery writers, in sum threatening to become a shopping list – e.g. here are just some of the titles 

 “The Rasp    — “Home Sweet Homicide”      “The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu”

. . . “considered important to the history of mystery novels”

 “The Night Bird” by Brian Freeman – 4 1/2 stars

A chilling tale with a series of reveals that also probes a bit of the ethics of psychiatry

♥  “In Bed with Gore Vidal” by Tim Teeman – 3 1/2 stars

Too much sex for me, but will say some interesting revelations about other well known names


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Spotlight: Star Wars {5-Minute Stories}, 5 stars


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